Ruby is a Female Labrador cross.
Ruby is 11 years old.
Ruby is a black Lab x (with a bit of sharpei SPCA told us). We have had her since she was a puppy of 3 months of age. Ruby is friendly and loves her walks through the dunes and on the beach (1-2 times a day). She also loves to hunt for rabbits when in the dunes. Has been known to chase cats. However our cat sleeps with us on the bed at night and Ruby sleeps in her bed beside us and there have been no incidents between cat and dog in this situation. Ruby has been socialised with other dogs from a young age. We don't have children, but she is good with kids and curious around babies. Ruby is more chilled out these days and likes to hang out where the people are, preferrably on the ottoman at home or in one of her many beds.
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